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Excellence comes in many forms, and when a residential residence becomes a branch of perfection on earth, its recognition becomes only a matter of time. The honoring and celebration of the magnificent KAM Villa by 4A Architects was not long in coming, as its residents have already been able to appreciate its exquisite aesthetics, comfort, and functionality. The property has also been praised by experts for its technical merits and innovative solutions. Not surprisingly, this magnificent project has brought 4A Architects a win at this year’s Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Architecture (Single Residential Project) in Saudi Arabia.

4A Architects is an international architecture, planning, and management consulting group founded in 2018.

4A Architects is an international architecture, planning, and management consulting group founded in 2018. It specializes in architecture, interior design, landscape, urban planning, 4A Architects has established associations with experienced professionals, allowing it to expand geographically with offices in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan, and France.

The team at 4A Architects is committed to creating world-class architecture based on their passion, unique local vision, innovation, and unparalleled quality of service. The Group’s success and effectiveness are based on its ability to offer solutions that incorporate the latest technology, implemented in the most cost-effective manner. The technical services 4A Architects provides cover all aspects related to the construction process, including consulting, economic analysis, construction supervision, and post-construction asset management.

4A Architects has contributed to many major architectural projects in the residential, commercial, hotel, and medical sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Each project in which 4A Architects has been involved has not only allowed them to implement their advanced ideas and experience but also to gain new knowledge and skills for forthcoming projects. This expands the team’s expertise and allows us to implement comprehensive solutions with an emphasis on sustainability, safety, buildability, risk reduction, and effective life cycle costing.

“We were absolutely thrilled to have our project nominated for Luxury Lifestyle Awards, and winning this accolade is an important milestone for the entire 4A Architects team. We are very grateful to the LLA judging panel for their objectivity and appreciation of our work,” commented Rabaa AlOthaim.